As frozen in time, Trinidad invited to tour the museum, cobblestone streets and plazas and churches cities Heritage even with the splendor of its founding in 1514. The characteristic decorative sign of the homes in the city is based on by colonial, spacious, comfortable and airy houses, palaces where luxury and extravagance made ​​the rounds to join the Cuban colonial art, turn Trinidad into an undisputable gem urban and architectural old.

At Plaza Mayor, the central axis of the old town, a statue of Terpsichore, muse of dance and music, accompanied by the singular beauty of the church of the Holy Trinity, faithful guardian is located valuable religious treasures of the island.These include the Cristo de la Vera Cruz, bound to a marble altar dedicated to the cult of the Virgin of Mercy, only one of its kind in the country.

The Santa Ana and Tres Cruces, the Belfry of San Francisco and numerous mansions only add a touch of beauty to the city, which annually spent enormous efforts to the conservation of ancient buildings located therein. Among the most relevant buildings is the Palace of Count Brunet, houses the Romantic Museum, whose first owner was also linked with the construction of a theater that bore his name and commissioning of a railway between the city and the Port Casilda.  Cobbled streets, wooden balustrades, balconies run, horse carts and affable and simple people, are features that distinguish Trinidad.

At this location we recommend the pleasure of taking a dip in the sea Ancon best beaches South Island and Maria Aguilar, and go on tour to the green valleys of Topes de Collantes, the heart of the Sierra del Escambray.

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