Do I need a passport?

Yes, regardless of your nationality, you will need a passport (which is valid for at least six months from the date of his arrival in Cuba).

Do I need a visa?
Yeah, apply for a visa at the Embassy of Cuba in their country. If you are a U.S. citizen entering from Canada, Mexico or the Bahamas, travel agencies in these countries can provide tourist cards, and if you are going through Cancun, tourist cards are available at the Cancun airport.

Do Cuban officials stamp U.S. passports?
Cuban immigration do not stamp U.S. passports. However, if you have an American passport, instead of stamping your passport, which sealed a separate document, which is then carried with your passport for the duration of your stay.Another option is to bring a birth certificate in addition to their passport. In the rare possibility and remote possibility that your passport is stamped, you can use your birth certificate to re-enter the U.S. (If you entered through Mexico).

Some Americans allows them to travel to Cuba?
Only Cuban Americans married or people who are there to educationally or humanitarian purpose and journalists may request permission from the U.S. government.

Do I have to book a hotel in advance to enter Cuba?
Yeah, to enter the country, the Cuban authorities often wonder what hotel you are staying. If you do not have a receipt, email or any kind of impression with the name and address (or name / address of the private house) Hotel, they will insist that you book a stay of 3 nights at the hotel harvesting (often moderate to expensive options). The safest bet is to have your accommodation arranged before arrival.

Is there a departure tax?
Yeah, sure to save U.S. $ 25, as everyone leaving Cuba must pay this departure tax (U.S. currency).

What is the currency situation?
currency for tourists is the U.S. dollar. Most credit cards and travelers checks accepted. Banks in larger cities offer cash advances from credit cards. If you are American, travelers checks and credit cards arranged in banks in the United States are not respected.

What are my transportation options once in Cuba?
Taxis are cheap and there are plenty of them in a variety of shapes and sizes. Private taxis can be found for, but remember to agree on the price before you start.

The buses are very cheap, but they are usually very busy and never on time. It’s a great way to travel along the path of Cuba.

Trains run regularly from Havana, and goes to almost all major cities of Cuba, Matanzas, Santa Clara, Guayos, Ciego de Avila, Camaguey, Las Tunas, Cacocum, Santiago de Cuba, Bayamo, Manzanillo, Guantanamo, Baracoa, Holguin, Antilla, Havana and Pinar del Rio.

Car hire is a good option, but a bit pricey for Havana no need to rent a car, but for a longer trip is a good idea.

There are four international airports in Cuba: Havana, Varadero, Holguin and Camagüey.También many smaller airports.Coming out of Havana, are regularly flights to Santiago, Holguin, Camaguey, Bayamo, Manzanillo, Guantanamo and Las Tunas.

Airlines flying to Cuba are: British Airways, Air France, Aeroflot, AeroMexico, Aeropostal, Condor, Cubana Airlines, Iberia, LTU, Ladeco, Mexican, and Viasa.Además TAAG, no charter airlines operated by tour operators.

Cuba is safe?
If Cuba is one of the world’s safest places for travelers, violent crime is almost unknown in Cuba. Of course normal precautions should be taken and do not carry more than you need, in densely populated areas you keep an eye on their bags, pockets.

House Private home / data?
House data are houses in private homes. This is a good and cheap hotels choice, and the owners are always very friendly.View in  private homes  .

Can I drink the water?
No, and if you buy a drink, tell them you want no ice. Bottled water can be purchased everywhere.

Does most Cubans speak English?
No, apart from the tourist area, most of Cuba speaks very little English but are eager to learn, if you can speak a little Spanish, you will be able to enjoy more of the local people.






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