Pinar del Rio

Because of the richness, variety and excellent preservation of its flora and fauna, Pinar del Rio has earned the nickname Garden of Cuba and the recognition of UNESCO, which declared a Biosphere Reserve Guanahacabibes Peninsula, the Sierra del Rosario and Landscape Cultural Site of Viñales Valley.

The land that produces the best snuff World also offers great opportunities for diving enthusiasts, hunting, fishing or simply sun and beach leisure. Since the nineteenth century, the natural beauty of the region attracted settlers Vueltabajo Havana, who came to visit the Cueva de los Portales, to receive the benefits of mineral and thermal waters of San Diego de los Baños and contemplate the Valley Viñales. Only 174 kms. separate Pinar del Rio Havana, cities that are linked by a superb highway.

In its historic center architecture is eclectic and there are charming in their homes under strut and soft colors, which seem to form a gallery portals without limit. In the suburbs, modern buildings break the horizontality of the city.

In the provincial capital should not be missed the opportunity to visit the factory Guayabita del Pinar, drink ancient recipe that still produced by hand, according to the old tradition, Guasch Palace, Milanes Theater and Cabaret Rumayor.

For the enjoyment of nature Pinar del Rio, in the nicest places of geography hotels are quiet atmosphere and excellent facilities. Those seeking sun and sand will have good options in Cayo Levisa, while lovers of diving, hunting and fishing also find attractive offers.

What to do in Pinar del Rio? 

Hotels in Pinar del Rio

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