Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo hotel has an enviable infrastructure that make having great international prestige, with the presence of prominent brands in the industry.

Its beaches are found along its 27 kilometers of coastline, prominent among the most important beaches: Lindamar, Sirena, Los Cocos and Paradise, which bathe the sand in the placid waters of the Caribbean Sea.

For diving enthusiasts, Key Largo, has a powerful infrastructure, highlighting 33 dive sites, listed as unique in several journals In addition to the main attractions are the beaches and water sports, you can practice sailing excursions and little boats to nearby Keys keying as Cayo Rico, Cayo Cantiles and Cayo Iguana. You can also enjoy swimming in the sea accompanied by turtles and dolphins in the reserves.

It has a fairly moderate tropical climate, characterized by warm temperatures primarily, for the geographical area in which it is located (Caribbean Sea) predominantly pleasant winds.

His nights are cool and pleasant. The generality of its flora is mainly composed of Mangrove and Coconut, although it should be noted that no shortage of Palms, Jasmine, Pine Machos, Ferns and Wild Flowers.

In its rich seabed inhabit many as the Carey Turtle and Loggerhead, tamben there are thousands of varieties of colorful fish, dolphins, shellfish and seafood, besides showing some of the country’s most beautiful coral reefs.

What to do in Cayo Largo?

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