Isla de la Juventud

Isla de la Juventud, formerly known as the Isle of Pines, is the second largest in the archipelago of Cuba, is located approximately 60 kilometers Cayman asleep and 142 kilometers from the city of Havana. Converted into natural protected area and archaeological elements it contains, has thick tropical forests where large iguanas, jutías, laurel pigeons and wild boars are located, among other species of preserved animals in their natural environment. The National Marine Park of Punta Frances, in the southwest coast of the Isle of Youth, a site listed as a must stay for cruise tourism visiting the Cuban archipelago. The usual stops in place to allow the thousands of visitors enjoy great beach areas, offers various nautical and land excursions to points of interest in the geography of the island. Site selection has its origin in an unspoilt and rich nature, the transparency of the seabed and the fact currently have one of the best preserved coral reefs on the planet. Indeed, in the area of ​​that region the snorkeling area linked to El Colony Hotel, with a stretch of coast six kilometers long, located between Punta Punta Pedestals and French-showing unique marine environment is located. For lovers of underwater activities in 56 dive sites, many with important colonies of corals and sponges, are ready besides the existence of caves, passages and tunnels.

What to do in Isla de la Juventud?

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