Where to eat

The island offers a great choice of restaurants in different environments, you will find both outdoor restaurants as barbecues or gourmet restaurants offering delicious recipes of traditional Cuban cuisine.

Regardless, all are State property many of them are installed in old colonial mansions offering the chance to taste their dishes in a full historical setting charm or you can choose restaurants in the typical style of Cuban folklore with thatched roofs and generally half open so you can enjoy the pleasant climate while dining.

Another alternative is the culinary Paladares, one of the few private businesses that is allowed by the Cuban government for several years, and many are becoming popular among entrepreneurs, artists, singers, etc …. do not hesitate to choose them for dinner at a nice place and the food is authentic, healthy and economical.

Restaurant in Cuba

Find information on the most important restaurants in Cuba. Their fish and meat have nothing to envy of other more famous places.

Restaurantes de Cuba

Find information of paladares in Cuba.


Find information of bars in Cuba

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