Camagüey is composed of a central part or historic center, where you can see old buildings with its narrow, cobbled alleys colonial style and has beautiful squares and churches of great historical value. For the care and commitment of its people and the local authorities of its historic center was declared in 2008 a World Heritage Site.

Layout of Camagüey is the most asymmetric between all villages founded by the Spaniards in Cuba. According to tradition the labyrinthine layout of its narrow winding streets was chosen by the founders to defend the place.

The remaining pavers were installed in the early twentieth century, contrary to what many locals. You can also appreciate, especially in Calle Independencia old tram rails. For its size Camagüey is the largest province of Cuba. Is based in the central eastern area of ​​Cuba, 550 kilometers east of Havana and its coasts as many cays and islets that make up the Cuban archipelago and over 120 kms of beautiful beaches that offer great attraction are located the place, which include Playa Santa Lucia, including cays that form part of the Jardines del Rey, in the south cays located in the Jardines de la Reina.

Carnivals are called “San Juan Camagüey” because it held around June 24, the day of San Juan, and that despite the crisis still remain though not with so much color and celebration as before. On the occasion of this broth for blocks called melting pot, exquisite and unique taste that includes food of all kinds, savory ribs and sauce is done. Because droughts are very sturdy and sometimes covered with a yellow blanket the grass of the province and the city, from the time of the Spanish colonization began to use jars that are just huge balloon shaped containers and made of clay to store rainwater for long periods.

For this reason these vessels currently can be found adorning streets and parks, Camagüey is called the city of the jars, and there is a legend that if you drink water tinajón you happen to live in Camagüey or at least always come back to it.

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