Cuba has one of the best health care systems in the world, so visiting a hospital or doctor can can be done without worry. Medical services in Cuba are good and some emergency treatments may be available to visitors at no cost.

However, health insurance is necessary because foreigners must pay most of their expenses in relation to health care. Foreigners who are visiting Cuba have in the neighborhood of Miramar Habanera a hospital for comprehensive care with the highest level, the Central Clinic “Cira García”, a General Surgical Hospital for the exclusive attention of foreign patients, both adults and children.

Other risks:

  • Diseases transmitted by insects or animals There are cases of animal rabies in the country. No cases of malaria in Cuba. The authorities have noted an increase in cases of dengue fever in the Eastern Caribbean. This comes mosquitoes. Symptoms include fever, rash, joint pains, muscle pain, nausea and in severe cases, bleeding.
  • Diseases transmitted by food, water or environment In Cuba, gastric diseases are common. On August 28, the Cuban health authorities announced that the end of the cholera epidemic. However, according to some reports, which were not discussed by the authorities, some cases of cholera appeared recently. It is recommended to wash your hands before and after every meal and using decontaminated water (boiled)
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