What to do in Isla de la Juventud?

José Martí House or Villa El Abra

Declared National Monument. It is 3 miles. Nueva Gerona, on the road towards the hotel The Colony.

It was a warm refuge for the Cuban José Martí, during 1870 when he was just 17 years old, after having served a sentence in brutal La Cabaña.

Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo hotel has an enviable infrastructure that makes having great international prestige characterized by their all inclusive.

For diving enthusiasts, Key Largo, I has numerous dive sites, listed as unique in several journals.

Crocodile Farm

This farm has had an important role in the conservation of crocodiles in Cuba. This farm is home to more than 400 crocodiles and after care until age 7 central releases in their natural habitat.

They can enjoy the different stages of the life of this reptile carvings reaching 4 meters. You’ll get to see the management of these animals and the possibility of direct contact with them.

Faro Carapachibey

Carapachibey lighthouse is 90 km from Nueva Gerona south of the Isle of Youth in Carapachibey cove. Nowadays it is the tallest lighthouse in Latin America (from base) more than 60 meters high and modern techniques that can ensure operation in the harshest weather conditions. Its structure consists of a circular tower of concrete and a lamp on top of it.

This lighthouse is important for boaters in the area.

The Jungle Jones

Its main attraction is the variety of plants that exist there in such a short space and above all, a large percentage of exotic and rare beauty, entertainment suitable for people of all ages.

Cueva Punta del Este

In a limestone cliff, about 200 meters from the beach is the Cave Number One, has also been identified as Los Indios, the smoke and the Island it 213 pictographs, representing almost a third of the observed found throughout the country; reason that caused the Cuban scholar Fernando Ortiz, calling it “The Sistine Chapel of Cave Art Caribbean”. It has been declared a National Monument in 1979 by the National Monuments Commission.

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