Que hacer en Villa Clara?

Mausoleum of Che Guevara

It is a cultural site of a historic stage shows Cuba, worth a visit. It is one of the landmarks of the city of Santa Clara. You can walk from the city because it is not far from downtown. You can also hire guides who will explain to the most minute detail. You can carefully documented on the life of Che.

Monument Armored Train Shot

A place to be for those interested in Cuban history. In Santa Clara the rebel army fought against the troops of the dictator Batista. The armored train containing weapons of the opposing forces, but Rebels hardly without resources it derailed and weapons used in later battles.

Pueblo Remedies

For lovers of colonial architecture in the small town visit Remedios is almost mandatory. This village is situated about 40km from Santa Clara and compares its architecture with Trinidad, with the difference that Remedios is less touristy. Remedies course is also a good place to stay and enjoy the atmosphere excursions from there – for example to nearby Keys (Las Brujas and Santa Maria).

Keys “The Witches” and “Santa Maria”.

The two islands are connected by a causeway with what is easy access to the keys with its unforgettable beaches.

Habanilla Lake.

The dam is in the middle of a beautiful rural landscape of the Sierra Escambray, which also places a small Hotel. Daily at 11:00 am boat leaves the Hotel “Hanabanilla” to a place called Rio Black. There you will find a small restaurant, surrounded by magnificent scenery. The restaurant offers dishes from Cuba and a local group with traditional music to accompany them.Near the restaurant there is a jumpy to visit. The boat from the hotel to Rio Black Hanabanilla costs 3 CUC per person (roundtrip).

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