Sancti Spiritus

The central province of Sancti Spiritus has the privilege of being the only Cuban archipelago on whose territory they settle two of the first seven villages founded in the early sixteenth century by the Spanish Diego Velázquez: the Holy Spirit and the Holy Trinity .

Invariably settled on the banks of a river artery, the capital city of Sancti Spiritus, preserved in its historic downtown buildings that show the diversity of styles that for three centuries greatly enriched their convoluted urban fabric and among which the biggest Parochial Church, the Home Theater and the bridge itself on Yayabo river.

However, Trinidad is in all fairness considered a city-museum which has one of the most complete and best preserved colonial architectural ensembles of the American continent, a fact recognized by UNESCO in December 1988, when it declared World Heritage Humanity.

What to do in Sancti Spiritus?

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