Cienfuegos is a lovely city by the sea. Its picturesque nautical setting has earned the nickname «Pearl of the South», a name that has endured for centuries. Fans are excited about diving the reefs around the coast, where a column of coral formation known as Notre Dame, provides an underwater labyrinth to explore.

The calm waters of the region are also ideal for sailing sailing, boat or kayak. The unique culture of Cienfuegos is attributed to its ancestry as French enclave.

The city exhibits a group of buildings of outstanding architectural declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005. Be sure to visit the fabulous Cultural Center, a palatial house where extracurricular activities such as dance and music for local students perform. Another attraction is the Castle of Our Lady of the Angels of Jagua is a huge and a Spanish colonial fort exquisite beauty.Its entrance is near the beginning of the Bay «Bay of Cienfuegos.» The legendary Benny Moré, one of the most famous performers of Cuban music, grew up in nearby Santa Isabel de las Lajas.

You can visit his birthplace, now converted into a museum where the Cabildo of the Congos traditional festivals organized every year.

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