Guantánamo, the easternmost province of Cuba, just over 900 km from the capital, is the only place on the island where there are areas of semi-desert landscapes. In territory of this city is the town of Baracoa was the first village founded by the Spanish in Cuba (1512), which is the main tourist destination in the region.

Upon arrival, visitors can see a system of colonial forts that were built in an effort to defend the town from the piracy.Strong like Matachín, La Punta and Seboruco, the Joa and Caguase own Castle or Villa (now converted into a comfortable hotel), reveal the secrets of their time.

You can also enjoy a ride on cayuca (typical boat of the region) by Duaba, Honey, Toa Yumurí or rivers. Lovers of nature will appreciate the beauty of the mountain massif of Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, where the largest rivers flowing in the country and admire the terraces Machine or Monitongos of Hatibonico. Currently the United States illegally maintains a naval base in Cuba against the will of its people.

This facility is located in Guantanamo Bay, one of the largest on the island. From the first Cuban Constitution in the early twentieth century, this law was imposed Platt Amendment, under the threat that the island remain militarily occupied established the obligation to cede portions of their territory for military installations powerful neighbor.

What to do in Guantanamo? 

Hotels in Guantanamo

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